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Why Share Your Videos
The DuhnJa platform offers a valuable opportunity to share your aerial videos at no cost now and forever. Sharing your video on this platform rather than on social media can be advantageous. Unlike social media posts which have a brief lifespan before disappearing from feeds, with DuhnJa, your video will remain accessible indefinitely, allowing more viewers to enjoy it regularly. Moreover, DuhnJa maps the videos to specific areas, making them particularly appealing to locals and tourists interested in the location. Lastly, watching your video on DuhnJa contributes to your overall viewership on platforms like YouTube, meaning you can still monetize your content. Ultimately, DuhnJa is an additional channel to monetize your videos!
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How To Share Your Videos
To share your video, click on the Add Video button in the lower right corner.
Add Video button
The rest of the pins will be removed for your convenience. Locate the spot on the map where the video was recorded. Then, if necessary, zoom in to select a more precise location and click once to mark it with a small green pin.
In the popup on the left add a title for your video, along with your name, nickname, or, ideally, your channel name (using your channel name offers additional benefits later on). Next, provide a link to the video on YouTube or Vimeo, ensuring it is shareable and can be embedded. Finally, click the share button, and assuming everything is correct, your video will be visible on the map.
In order to cancel the operation, either close the Add Video popup or click the Cancel button in the lower right corner.
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Watch Video
To view a video from a specific area, first navigate to that area on the map, and zoom in or out as needed. If a video of that area is available, you will see a pin similar to the one below. Simply click on the pin to watch the video.
Recently added videos, within the last few days, will be identifiable by a purple pin on the map.
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The video players we use from YouTube and Vimeo rely on tracking cookies for their internal functionality. Due to legal regulations, we must request your permission before serving you those third-party cookies. If you choose not to accept the cookies, we will be unable to display the videos. However, the cookies we use are the same ones you have already accepted while browsing on YouTube or Vimeo, so accepting them on our platform presents no risks. To fully enjoy our platform, please click on the green cookie button in the lower left corner to accept the cookies (if you haven't already).
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Map Layers
DuhnJa's collective map offers two distinct layers: satellite and road. You may select the layer that best suits your needs. To switch between the layers, simply click on the "Layer Change Button" located in the right corner of the map. Refer to the image below for guidance. As you click on this button, the image will update to display the next layer, and the map will switch accordingly.
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To contact the DuhnJa team, you may send an email to [email protected], or use one of the link buttons provided below.

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DuhnJa platform gathers mesmerizing aerial and terrestrial videos from various parts of the world, enabling users to access them and plan their future travels or expand their knowledge. Please, navigate the map to locate the area of interest and click on the available pins.

Users have the ability to freely share their own aerial and terrestrial videos sourced from platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, thereby increasing their viewership and contributing to their monetization efforts.
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