About Us

DuhnJa is a platform which allows the users to share videos from different places in the world. Each video is mapped to a given location by using maps. This way, everybody can navigate to the location, which he or she is interested in and if there are any videos available from that location, watch them and learn more about that specific location. Everybody is allowed to add videos. The only catch is that those videos should be hosted in Youtube or Vimeo (more hosting platforms to come soon). No video is hosted on the platform's server.

We would ask our users to add only videos related to a specific location, showing that location's environment. Music videos, gaming videos or any other non-related videos will be a subject of a removal. Please, let's create a platform for the people to enjoy the world even if they are not able to visit a given location.

The platform is a non-commercial, non-profitable one. We don't show advertisements or anything else, generating profit. The whole platforms was developed by regular developers, having regular jobs. We spared from our free time, our family time to build this platform so you can enjoy. We tried to do our best to provide you the best experience. Still, there might be issues and bugs which will appear at a later stage. Of course we will work on addressing them. You can help by reporting bugs or providing ideas for improvement of the platform. You can share bugs or ideas by sending an email to admin@duhnja.com. Thank you in advance.

We respect your privacy. For this reason we avoid using services, which might track your activity such as Google Analytics. Still, we show our videos using Youtube or Vimeo's video player, which on their own might collect some data (at least they use cookies). There is no way to avoid this data collection, so please, be aware of that. Besides the Youtube and Vimeo cookies, we use cookies for session management, done by the hosting framework. They don't contain any user data like names, emails, addresses, IP or so on, but they are still considered cookies. Without them our platform won't work, they are essential.

As we said we respect your privacy and for that reason we don't store any user information like user names, emails, passwords and so on. We allow everybody to add videos without the need to register first. However, in order to provide some security and spam protection we might save the user IPs in a database. For the moment we don't have a better and more secury way to do it (if you have an idea, we will be happy to share it with us). They are saved only under some specific circumstances and they are not saved as a plain text but rather as hashed values and we do some processing in order to make it impossible to trace the user by that IP.

Finally I want you to enjoy this platform and share as many videos as possible with the rest of the world. Show us some beautiful places. If you have questions or suggestions you can always contact us at admin@duhnja.com.